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2020 Global Survey Report

by sol-admin

This research was conducted by independent research firm Sapio on behalf of Blue Prism. 1,725 business decision-makers (with a final say over budget spend of technology implementations) were surveyed in the US (402), UK (202), Japan, India, Australia, Germany, Singapore, France, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, and South Africa. A further 5,063 knowledge workers were surveyed in the same countries. All respondents worked in organizations with 250+ employees. In addition, the respondents worked in companies in which automation had already been adopted. All interviews were conducted online by Sapio Research during March 2020. Now presenting the digest of the survey.

Decision-makers’ part:

  • 93% plan to extend the use of automation across their organizations
  • 92% believe that RPA is important for driving digital transformation
  • 83% believe that their employees would trust working alongside a digital workforce
  • 81% believe that RPA and/or automation offers more than just time and cost savings
  • 78% see RPA as a solution to the global productivity problem

Knowledge workers’ part:

  • 80% feel comfortable in reskilling for a change in work role
  • 78% believe that using tech to automate tasks would improve their work life
  • 71% agree that automation will make their organization more innovative

The full report is here available.