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2021 Automation at Work Survey Report

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In recent months, Kryon, one of the leaders in enterprise automation, surveyed 300 workers across North America, Europe, and Asia and found that workers are more than ready to hand off the most repetitive tasks they handle each day to automated bots. All the insights from the survey were joined in the report called ‘2021 Automation and the Future of Work’ and include the following:

  • How employees would spend the extra time saved by automation.
  • Which types of activities have the most potential for automation.
  • Employees’ attitudes towards the ideal future workplace.

Among the key findings from the report:

  • 79% of workers said they waste not less than 30% of the day on monotonous, time-sucking tasks.
  • 78% of employees are willing to push repeated tasks off to a digital assistant.
  • 75% of workers claimed that automation could heighten their productivity.
  • 62% of employees would like to use the time saved to focus on professional development and training.
  • 71% of respondents want automation to help them problem-solve.

If you want to get your free copy of Kryon’s ‘2021 Automation and the Future of Work’ report, you have just to fill out a short form on this page.

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