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2023 Intelligent Automation Spend & Trends Report

by Ant Sh
2023 Intelligent Automation Spend & Trends Report

The Intelligent Automation and AI & Data Analytics Networks recently shared the results of their survey where 400 intelligent automation, RPA and digital transformation leaders, answered 24 questions, including the following:

  • What functional areas are currently undergoing digital transformation?
  • Are you currently leveraging intelligent automation?
  • Are you currently leveraging RPA/Rules-Based Tools?
  • Do you expect your budget for RPA/Rules-Based Tools to increase over the next year?
  • Does your organization have an Automation Center of Excellence?
  • What percentage of your overall budget is allocated towards RPA, Intelligent Automation and Hyperautomation technology and services?

As for RPA and Intelligent Automation, 2022 was an exciting and eventful year for this sector, especially when it came to mergers and acquisitions. According to IAN, over 17 M&A deals took place during the first 8 months of 2022 on top of at least 5 major ones that took place in 2021. It’s also noteworthy that 64% of the 2022 respondents said they had already invested in intelligent automation and 42% said they are currently investing in Robotic Process Automation, while in 2021, only 30% of respondents were actively investing in those. Looking forward to 2023, an additional 35% said they planned to adopt intelligent automation, with 54% saying they planned to invest in RPA.

To download the full report, visit here.