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2nd World RPA & AI Summit (Spain)

by sol-admin

This is a couple of testimonials of 2nd World RPA & AI Summit’s participants. That Summit took place in Barcelona, Spain on September 5th and 6th last year.

“Some good takeaways were for example related to how can we streamline better the operating model, how can we better manage challenges within IT and technology background. Very much related to also how do we build better use cases so that we could continue the investments of RPA in our organizations. So these takeaways that colleagues share are really valuable.”
Ruzha Stranska, RPA Lead/People technology track, BOOKING.COM

“I think it’s really good for people are actually in the thick of implementation whether they’re in a more of a management role or in a development or implementation type of role, to come and share experiences. You can get to some real practical detail and you can take away things that are going to be real use when you go back and carry on with your automation program. So, I think it’s very important to bring people together to help with the community of people network together and exchanging information. And the conference is a great way to focus all that
Miles Quinton, VP Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM

If you want to see what that summit was like, please click here.