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3 Most Recent and High-ranked Books to Better Know RPA

by sol-admin

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is essential for your organization, but you should first ensure what plan is right for you and your team. While there are many free resources available online, doing things the old-fashioned way can be beneficial. We’ve selected the high-ranked RPA books released not earlier than 2020 and present them to you in random order.

The Robotic Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Implementing RPA

The Robotic Process Automation Handbook puts everything you need to know into one place to be a part of this wave.
What You’ll Learn
– Develop the right strategy and plan
– Deal with resistance and fears from employees
– Take an in-depth look at the leading RPA systems, including where they are most effective, the risks and the costs
– Evaluate an RPA system
Who This Book Is For
IT specialists and managers at mid-to-large companies

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION: Learn how to harness Artificial Intelligence to boost business & make our world more human

This field guide is essential reading” – Gartner
This book needed to be written” – Forrester

What you will get from this book:
– Get the lessons learned from 100+ IA transformation successes (and failures)
– Benefit from the largest publicly available library of 500+ IA use cases by industry and by business function
– Gain access to insights garnered from 200+ IA industry experts

The Care and Feeding of Bots: An Owner’s Manual for Robotic Process Automation 

This book is the result of five years of effort in putting RPA to work for major organizations all over the world. Author Chris Surdak (“Data Crush” and “Jerk”) summarizes the results of five years of effort in deploying hundreds of bots for dozens of organizations around the world.