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7 Lessons Shaping Today’s Intelligent Automation

by sol-admin

HFS Research is a global business research consultancy founded in 2010. Its team provides tailored, innovative insights to help enterprises solve problems, make critical decisions, and realize long-term value on their journey to the new. Recently, Blue Prism has partnered with HFS Research to create the Seven lessons shaping today’s automation leaders. The executive research report sets out to understand how mindsets have changed throughout the pandemic and the extent to which enterprises have developed a comprehensive and cohesive automation discipline across their businesses.

By comparing the automation heroes with stragglers, the report revealed seven important lessons on realizing strategic value from automation investments:

  1. If you wish for a band-aid, you will get a band-aid.
  2. Automation, the cloud, and the nexus of data are vital for success.
  3. Automation needs a C-level push and an employee-level pull to be successful.
  4. Automation success requires diversified investments across the technology stack.
  5. Use automation to “automate.”
  6. A unified workforce mindset is a prerequisite to automation success.
  7. Engage with an expert when help is needed.

Hero organizations are leading the way to adopt these lessons and are discovering tangible, transformative outcomes rather than fragmented quick fixes. To understand how to implement and reap the full benefits of these lessons, read the Seven lessons shaping today’s automation leaders report in full.