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A Few Startups Aiming To Form The Future Of RPA In Healthcare

by sol-admin

With the surge in Covid-19 cases and challenges in maintaining the businesses in tough times, 90 percent of the big organizations globally have adopted RPA in several forms. The future of RPA in healthcare can open new doors to produce higher patient care. New entrepreneurs can revolutionize the healthcare domain. These are a couple of startups that are attempting to supply RPA solutions to the healthcare industry:

FeatSystems is a Mumbai-based RPA startup that helps send timely notifications to patients about their appointments. It offers features like widget amalgamation and medical datum management.

A US-based RPA startup aims to automate the insurance claim process. With RPA, they aim to meet transparency and provide hassle-free claim settlements.

A British startup that assists doctors during surgeries by providing key instructions and warnings.

Computing System Innovation
An American startup that automates the process of medical data structuring by using Intellidact, a software that offers automation to repetitive processes like data entry, etc.

A US-based startup that makes use of predictive analytics techniques to provide warning and care to patients. The use of techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP), big data, and machine learning (ML) help medical researchers as well as doctors pay close attention to patients and provide personalized care.

The day is not far when health will be accessible and qualitative for everyone with RPA and other technologies helping healthcare practitioners from all facets of society, we are moving towards a better technologically resilient, and efficient future.

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