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A Letter from Daniel Dines, Co-CEO of UiPath

by Ant Sh
A Letter from Daniel Dines, Co-CEO of UiPath

Last week, UiPath released its 2021 Impact Report, which provides information about the company’s progress against key environmental, social, governance (ESG) indicators, including those related to environmental sustainability, employees and communities, product impact, and corporate governance. As a preface to this report, UiPath unveiled a letter from Daniel Dines, its Co-founder and Co-CEO. Here are a few excerpts from it, where Daniel reveals an array of important numbers characterized the company he leads.

“We founded UiPath more than 15 years ago on the principle that automation has the power to unlock human creativity and ingenuity by empowering people. This principle frees employees from mundane work to create and innovate. As of the end of fiscal year 2022, more than 4,000 UiPath team members serve more than 10,000 customers and work with more than 5,000 partners. Our market opportunity exceeds $60 billion. We ended the year with more than $925 million in annualized renewal run-rate (ARR) and we still have a massive opportunity in front of us. We believe that automation can have a meaningful and measurable impact on how UiPath, as well as our customers and partners, run their businesses, formulate ESG priorities, and launch and measure ESG programs.”

“We believe that the UiPath platform is uniquely positioned to help address global challenges across public health, climate, sustainability, and inequality. This commitment to automation technology as a force for good is core to our business. In calendar year 2021, we continued to invest in research, development, and partnerships to develop automation solutions that positively impact society. We also remain dedicated to upskilling: in 2021, we reached more than 1.1 million learners worldwide via UiPath Academy, our free online platform. We continue our work with partners to develop accessible paths to fulfilling careers and meaningful employment opportunities. As part of our UiPath Academic Alliance program, we partner with 1,690 organizations to equip students and workers with
automation skills.”