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Adobe Launched a Service for Building RPA Workflows

by sol-admin

Recently, the world’s leading technology enabler Adobe launched two new cloud services for building robotic process automation workflows and applications that require the ability to process documents. These services were named Adobe PDF Extract API and Adobe Document Generation API.

The new services give Adobe another way to address the rapid adoption of RPA and machine learning among its enterprise customers. Both services are focused on automating tasks that involve documents created in PDF format which make up a sizable portion of the world’s business documents. By Adobe’s estimates, roughly 2.5 trillion PDF files are created every year.

The company sees enterprises using PDF Extract API in robotic process automation projects. According to Adobe, PDF Extract API enables RPA bots to extract data from documents and incorporate the data into the tasks they perform.

Copying information from PDF invoices to a company’s accounting database is one example of how the technologies may be used together. According to Adobe, RPA bots can perform more fine-grained tasks as well with the help of its new service. A bank could create an RPA bot that extracts the content of forms submitted by customers and, based on the information in each form, automatically determines the department to which it should be sent.

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