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AI and RPA Benefits for Edelweiss Group

by sol-admin

Edelweiss Group is an investment and financial services company based in Mumbai, India. It took some major technology initiatives in 2020. As a result, the group has been able to register industry-leading growth in the past few quarters primarily due to the high digital maturity of its businesses. Here is a part of a detailed interview given by Nitin Agarwal, President & Group CIO, Edelweiss Group, where he describes how his group is taking advantage of implementing emerging technologies such as AI and RPA to accelerate automation.

Role of AI and RPA for your industry. How are you using them today, and how do you see their role changing in the future?

  • We have deployed over 20 AI models across our business lines. Leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms, these models are being used for evaluating risks, performing AML checks, doing customer KYC, identifying frauds, etc. thereby building efficiencies in our business processes and providing a seamless user experience. We do not view automation in isolation. Automation is baked into all of our technology solutions. Our vision is to embed AI and RPA in the entire process lifecycle rather than providing just point solutions.

To read all the rest of the interview, please, proceed to the source page and also watch the video below to see a few insights by Nitin Agarwal into how his company uses AI in favor of their customers.