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AI-powered Job Interviews in China

by sol-admin

You may be familiar with strategies for a successful job interview – making eye contact, having a firm handshake, and so on. But if you’re applying for a position in China, it might be a computer you have to impress. That says Chinese companies increasingly use artificial intelligence to help them vet potential new hires. Here is why.

This technology is a godsend for companies like Mars in China. It receives up to 50,000 job applications for a few hundred open positions. Without AI, Mars would have to mobilize hundreds of employees for over a month. Now it only takes two weeks to recruit.

The company behind the software, MoSeeker, explains how it works. The candidates’ voices and facial expressions are crucial, much like human interactions. The sound, the richness of the context, and the word accuracy are analyzed to assess the overall interview.

Chinese and international companies in China are using the AI-interview techniques to recruit, especially recent graduates over the past 2-3 years. It’s noteworthy that there are over 9 million current college and university graduates this year. Next year, the number will increase to over 10 million graduates. So this is why these big companies want to find a more efficient way to recruit qualified candidates faster. And with these technologies, they can screen a vast amount of people.

Watch this video to see how AI helps interview job candidates live.