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AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot

by sol-admin

Headquartered in San Jose (CA), RPA Labs is engaged in providing robotic process automation technology by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and data management to help logistics companies move faster in meeting ever-increasing customer demands. Recently, RPA Labs has introduced Logistics ChatBot, a logistics conversation AI (artificial intelligence) that automates interactions with customers, vendors and internal teams. A proprietary combination of conversational AI, machine learning, natural language processing and a built-in language library of logistics terminology allows RPA Engage to answer any logistics inquiries including spot quotes, track and trace, sailing schedules, and customer service inquiries.


“No one can refute that the way shippers consider and consume logistics services is steadily changing. In a time of generational change and unprecedented global events, we want to engage our clients at the time, place, and platform best suited to their needs. RPA Labs ChatBot is a piece of that strategy. Rating new shipments, regardless of communication method, is historically and reliably deficient in obtaining all the data needed for a quality response. The RPA Engage AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot addresses that within a simple user interface and attention span; in other words, without a long and unfriendly checklist for the user.”

Jay Devers, CEO and Co-Founder, Bestway Freight Solutions

Let’s look at how the Logistics ChatBot operates live.