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AI-powered RoboCafe in Dubai

by sol-admin

This idea came with the support of the Dubai government’s Artificial intelligence initiative. The fully autonomous robots were manufactured in Germany but designed and made in the United Arabic Emirates. It is about the first-of-its-kind robotic cafe that has operated in Dubai and relies on AI without any human interference (except in cases when glitches happen and for sanitization, etc.). Let’s find out what Dubai’s RoboCafe looks like.

The cafe is located in the festival city mall and is entirely run by robots. Customers can pick a seat in the futuristic furniture and place the order using tablets installed at the entrance. The dining experience is served by three large robots and multiple smaller waiter robots, which are all fully integrated. The chef, cocktail maker, and barista robots create the orders once customers select them on a tablet. Once ready, a waiter robot takes the food and beverages to your table. As for the menu, foodies can gauge on pretty much everything you find in a normal cafe – pastries, coffee, hot chocolate, wraps, and the like. The robots have the capacity to serve 60 customers for the time being and are also trained to perform dance and musical shows to entertain the diners. So Dubai has become a place where the future of dining has arrived. Let’s observe the robots operating live.