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AiThority Interview with CTO and VP of Product Marketing at Pegasystems

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Pegasystems, an American software company based in Cambridge, has been in the market since 1983. The company’s current core software product is the Pega Platform, part of its Pega Infinity suite of applications for customer engagement and digital process automation, which are designed to connect customer interfaces with back-end process automation. Let us introduce to you the highlights of an interview of AiThority with Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of Product Marketing at Pegasystems. Being responsible for Pega’s industry-leading platform and CRM applications, Don has 20 years of experience delivering enterprise software solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, with a focus on digital transformation, mobility, analytics, business process management, cloud, and CRM. In the interview, he shares his insights into how RPA should be combined with AI to maximize the efficiency of automation.

“As companies deployed, scaled, and maintained their bots, they realized that RPA wasn’t the end-all, be-all to digital transformation. Instead, there needs to be a cohesive approach within the enterprise technology stack, one that blends RPA with AI, low code, and other advanced automation technologies to deliver intelligent automation across the enterprise. At Pega, we’re focused on helping our clients do just that by ushering in the Hyperautomation Era – or what we’ve called Intelligent Automation. Pega offers automation solutions that go beyond bots to create solutions that help our clients crush complexity within the enterprise. For example, we help clients weave together separate systems and processes through our business architecture called Pega Process Fabric. In all areas, we work with our clients to build solutions using a simplified low-code approach that helps our clients scale transformation and change across their business.”

Don Schuerman

Don thinks we’re increasingly going to see the convergence of automation technologies. For instance, RPA is a tactical form of automation, of which there are many other forms. But the convergence of automation, AI, and low code is taking place across industries: low-code tools are putting the power of AI and automation in the hands of people on the front lines of enabling great customer experiences that will be key to innovation and digital transformation. Companies that can take a design-thinking approach to drive cross-functional collaboration or to re-think a process or experience to get customers to the outcomes they desire easier or faster will be the most successful.

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