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An Attended Bot for Transactions

by sol-admin

This demo is meant to give you a quick view of an attended RPA bot. In general, an RPA bot is a scripted automation script that will complete a set of actions that might otherwise be completed by a person. If you’ve ever thought – I wish I didn’t have to do the same thing every day or every week – a bot might be a faster way to do that. Many bots are unattended, which means they run automatically in the background either on a schedule or on-demand. Imagine an assembly line component that automatically places windshields on cars, now imagine a different scenario – when we give a nail gun to a carpenter the carpenter still holds the tool and decides what to do with it and when, but it’s a lot faster than pounding in nails by hand. In the RPA world, this is akin to an attended bot.

Attended bots can be used for copying information from one system to another verifying that data has been entered properly or even just moving windows around on a computer screen so that the user is ready to work. In this example, you’ll see an attended bot built using Automation Anywhere that will verify a set of input data and then create a new transaction.