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Another Example of How RPA Knowledge Can Boost Your Career

by sol-admin

Marie Shi started her career in Schneider Electric as a full-time Method Engineer in Suzhou, China. She worked within the production line and performed lean-related work. In her first three years as a Method Engineer, she was mainly involved in production sites where she gained valuable knowledge and experience. This included confirming capacity and supply to meet demand, responding to events that shut down production lines, building a new production line for several product types, and implementing new concepts to improve employee efficiency.

Schneider Electric encourages employees to innovate and explore new technologies to help improve business operations. The talent development program provided Marie with the opportunity to shift from the role of Method Engineer to Digitization. This program introduced her to the concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which enables computer software to emulate and integrate actions typically performed by humans when interacting with digital systems.

Marie used to struggle with repetitive tasks, so she seized the chance to learn about RPA and use it in her projects when the opportunity arose. This allowed her to move to the Global Supply Chain China Digital Solution Team two years ago to work as an Application Engineer. Now, she primarily focuses on delivering digital solutions, and her main area is RPA. As the RPA Community Leader, Marie oversees various undertakings, such as community operation, talent training, project delivery, and license management.

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