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Antinea’s Digital Transformation

by sol-admin

Antinea is a broker specializing in business risk. It is a leader in several different markets: public transportation or goods,
construction, chauffeur-driven tourist vehicles, and driving schools. The company has over 80 employees spread across 4 main sites.  As an insurance broker, they face several challenges – digitalization, optimization, HR administration, traceability and compliance requirements from both their customers and the regulator.

Antinea’s administration chose RPA technology to tackle these different challenges. And naturally, UiPath was selected for such an RPA implementation and further maintenance. RPA is used in the production department for the transmission of fleet reports for verification to customers and to the companies which are represented by Antinea.

In real numbers, the UiPath RPA solution performs in one night the equivalent of 400 hours of work of the accounting department. It gives time back to bring real added value to the daytime work.

“RPA is surely a major technological advance of recent times.”
Anthony Chaland (Directeur des Systemes d’Information)

UiPath turned out such an intuitive tool that makes deployment of RPA possible by people right across Antinea.
This success with UiPath enables the company’s team to look forward with clarity at great new opportunities.


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