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AntWorks Strengthens Its Team with New COO to Back Up the Growth Strategy

by sol-admin

Founded in 2015, AntWorks is headquartered in Singapore and operates across Asia, Europe, and North America. The company uses Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation to digitize data, enable better decision-making, and transform the workplace. AntWork’s flagship product, CMR+, is an Intelligent Document Processing solution winning enterprise customers across Europe, N. America, and Asia.

As AntWorks gears up to meet accelerating demand for its IDP software and Intelligent Automation platform, it recently announced the appointment of R. Guha as its Chief Operating Officer, which is a part of an aggressive growth strategy centered around enhanced configurability, deeper integration into enterprise platforms, and advanced industry-specific features.

The new COO has over twenty years of global business leadership experience, with roles at enterprises like Edgeverve, Wipro, and Cognizant. He has also led industry-wide initiatives at the World Economic Forum around cyber risk quantification and cyber resilience to drive business engagement into a deeply technical domain. His expertise across cloud, automation, and artificial intelligence domains, along with a focus on innovation and systems thinking, will be critical in supporting AntWorks’ rapid growth.