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Appian and EdgeVerve Systems unveiled New Releases of Their Platforms

by sol-admin

EdgeVerve Systems is an Infosys subsidiary that strives to be a global leader in AI and Automation while assisting clients to thrive in their digital transformation journey. In turn, Appian is a cloud computing and enterprise software company that sells a platform as a service (PaaS) for building enterprise software applications. This week both companies announced the latest versions of their platforms, Automation platform AssistEdge 19.0 and the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform respectively. Let’s quickly figure out what features were presented.

The new version of EdgeVerve Systems’ platform is designed to support and scale large process automation programs for global enterprises. Enterprises can now get empowered with granular process visibility and sophisticated orchestration capabilities to seamlessly integrate bots, human experts, and AI technologies to meet key business objectives.

AssistEdge 19.0 provides enterprises the opportunity to connect:

  • People – Wider connection of people into automation journey through low code platforms for citizen developers and enterprise personal automation assistants.
  • Process – Stronger connection of processes into automation journey with end-to-end process orchestration through workflows and auto-automation.
  • Data – Deeper connection of data into automation journey through contextual data discovery, intelligent document processing, and advanced insights.

As for the new release of the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform, it makes it faster and more efficient to build enterprise applications through major enhancements in low-code data, complete automation functionality, user interface (UI) creation, and application deployment. In particular, the platform allows doing the following:

  • Develop automation more efficiently by recording each step you take within your web browser each time you click or type.
  • Make robot executions faster by skipping setup and cleanup for consecutive RPA executions when processing batch items.
  • Design more attractive UIs by creating applications with finer spacing controls to get the exact look you want and reduce clutter during design.
  • Use Connected Systems to connect to data sources and use object-level security for greater control over access to data.
  • Streamline deployments by adding database scripts to packages as you develop, instead of waiting to upload your database scripts during deployment.

To get more details, please proceed to the source pages of Appian and EdgeVerve Systems.