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Autodesigner: The Latest AI Design Innovation from Uizard

by Ant Sh
Autodesigner: The Latest AI Design Innovation from Uizard

Tony Beltramelli, Co-founder & CEO at Uizard, a software company from Copenhagen, Denmark, recently unveiled Autodesigner, a powerful new AI capability that his squad has been working on in stealth mode for a few quarters.

What is Autodesigner?

It is the latest AI design feature from Uizard that enables users to generate multiscreen mockups by typing out project ideas in plain English. Joining Uizard’s library of AI-powered features, Autodesigner will help make your vision come true incredibly quickly. Just enter a few simple phrases and let AI bring your ideas to life in a matter of seconds. “It’s like ChatGPT for UI/UX design”, Mr. Beltramelli compared.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Autodesigner. With [this tool], you will be able to generate multiscreen designs from a simple text prompt in just a few seconds! It’s like ChatGPT for UI/UX design.”

Tony Beltramelli, Co-founder & CEO, Uizard

When will Autodesigner be available?

Uizard’s team expects to start inviting people to try it out in small batches towards the end of March 2023. Click here to signup for early access.

About Uizard

Uizard is building the world-first AI able to understand user interfaces to automatically generate platform-specific computer code from a single UI image. The company wants to shorten the time it takes to turn an initial idea to a fully functional digital product. After closely collaborating with designers and developers for years and helplessly assisting to a broken workflow, Uizard’s team decided to build a better solution themselves. They believe that the future of UX design is to assist designers and developers with AI and give them superpowers.