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Automate Patient Admission Eligibility Check with UiPath RPA

by sol-admin

Patient Admission is a process of accepting patients. The concept includes patients accepted for medical and nursing care in a hospital or other healthcare institution. The process can be pretty time-consuming, that is the reason to streamline it with Robotic Process Automation. The video below demonstrates how UiPath RPA can be leveraged to automate the patient eligibility check process.

First, let’s do a quick overview of the process. You are going to see a UiPath robot perform the following actions:

– The robot will open the state of Massachusetts website and download an Excel spreadsheet that contains the standard nursing facility rates which are used to determine the associated reimbursement amount.

-Next, the bot will open the Massachusetts Medicaid portal, log in with its credentials and navigate to the eligibility check section of the portal.

– Once there, the bot will open up the list of patients that need eligibility checks and begin the process of checking each patient one by one. The bot collects various pieces of data needed to confirm eligibility. One piece of information needed is the management minutes category code or MMC code. The bot uses this code to determine the appropriate reimbursement amount from the standard nursing facility rate spreadsheet that is downloaded at the beginning of this process.

– Once all the required patient information has been collected, the bot populates it into an Excel spreadsheet and repeats this process for all patients on the list.

– Finally, once the bot has completed the process for all patients, the bot saves the finalized Excel spreadsheet in a specific folder for the billing supervisor to review.

Now, let’s see it in action!