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Automated Payroll Calculation in Wagepoint

by sol-admin

In this demo, you’ll see how a software robot enters the salary and bonuses data for truck drivers into the Wagepoint* system. This bot was developed using the Python RPA platform for a Canadian transportation company. The bot uses an Excel file as a source file that contains the salary data parameters such as working hours, health benefit deduction, mileage, etc.

Firstly, the robot checks the pay period and then starts to authorize in Wagepoint. In order to authorize in the Wagepoint system, the bot uses credentials that were given to it, and then it selects a pay group and selects the pay dates according to the Excel file. After that, the robot checks the type of payment for each employee and then starts to enter the data from the Excel file. As you’ll be able to see there are various types of data that are entered: vacation, holidays, mileage, etc. Before entering the data, the robot switches the “pay?” column to “No” for all the employees in order not to include the previous month’s calculations. And for all those employees that are in Excel file, the bot switches the “Pay?” column to “Yes“. While entering the data from the Excel file into the Wagepoint system the bot also does validation and cross-checking.

If the robot finds any errors in the Excel file, it will enter correct data by using calculations or formulas and this error will be also recorded by the robot in another special file that contains all the errors and exceptions.

Once all the data is entered into Wagepoint, the robot proceeds to the payment process and goes to the next tab. Once the data is entered into the system, the bot presses the button “save” and then you can see that there is a “confirm first” button which is not clicked by the robot because it is intended only for humans in order to make a final check.

*Wagepoint is online payroll software, which is a way of saying that it takes the manual labor out of paying employees and contractors while handling federal, state, and local taxes. Software like Wagepoint simplifies payroll by moving the entire process into the cloud — the platform takes care of the fine details and mundane components of getting your folks the payment they’re due. This is true for salaried and hourly employees, as well as freelancers and independent contractors.