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Automation 360 V.22 Update

by sol-admin

Automation Anywhere has recently introduced the latest release of the platform Automation 360 v.22. The company claims it has improved each stage of the automation cycle to help you discover, digitize, automate and optimize your processes more efficiently. Let’s see what’s new in v.22.

Discovery Bot can now give you the highest ROI automation opportunities that you need. The new version of Discovery Bot makes it possible for process analysts to better understand a process by showing related steps within a group hierarchy as opposed to all the granular steps in the flat sequence. This means that you will be able to read the process flow diagrams better and allow process analysts to understand groups of similar steps within their process. Analysts can now also identify bottlenecks and understand the time that’s needed to complete a step.

When you’re using IQ bot to digitize millions of documents per year, you might experience some limitations with server processing and cluster setup. The AA team has now removed these limitations in the new release. The new IQ bot extraction command integrates with Google Vision OCR, Microsoft OCR 2.0, and Microsoft Forms Recognizer Service 2.1 ensuring that you can massively scale document processing for all types of learning instances. Another new feature in IQ bot is that Automation 360 v.22 is giving admins more insight into their learning instances by allowing them to download and share 4 key metrics:

  • documents processed
  • pages uploaded
  • straight-through processing
  • accuracy

And as an administrator, you might need to share specific IQ bot data with key stakeholders. You can now download and share these metrics to improve visibility and insights throughout your community.

With RPA workspace being the heart of Automation 360, it’s crucial that Automation Anywhere’s customers can build bots in a secure and simple manner to automate their repetitive processes. And that’s why in this release the developers’ team focused on improving your bot building experience. In v.22, it’s now easier for users with larger and more complex spots to search and find specific actions, triggers, variables, or text. Bot builders no longer need to search through the bots line by line saving time and effort.

Automation Anywhere also introduced support for Russian language applications when using the AI sense recorder.

AARI, a digital assistant, is now made more robust and easier to use. The task navigation has improved to find specific tasks and shift between multiple tasks. This helps you save time and work through your queue more efficiently. AARI can now display images during human steps in the process. This provides you with more information for better decision-making. Also, you can upload content at any point in the AARI request to leverage the inputs while completing the rest of the process.