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Automation 360 V.24 Update: What’s New?

by sol-admin
Automation 360 V.24 Update: What’s New?

Automation Anywhere recently announced the latest release of its cloud-native intelligent automation platform, Automation 360™ v.24. According to the company’s blog, the new update improves existing features, introduces new automation capabilities and tools, enhances support for the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, and simplifies platform maintenance and upgrades. Let’s learn about this release in more detail.

As Automation Anywhere continuously expands Automation 360 platform capabilities, enabling their users to access the most advanced AI and ML technology, in v.24, the vendor has added new command packages to support Google Document AI integration and JSON files. The company also introduced enhancements for the existing Excel, Email, Datetime, Recorder, SOAP Web Service, REST Web Service, DLL, String, and Error Handler packages.

In the latest release, Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) offers additional tools for flexible form design. Now, you can fill initial form elements by creating query scripts that enter specific parameters in the form URL. You can also customize the text in your forms in various ways such as applying bold, italic, underline, and other formatting effects, changing the font size and color, etc.

AARI now also supports background processing with PIP (picture-in-picture) feature. PIP allows virtualizing the current desktop and running automations in a separate window so that AARI Desktop users can continue working with a mouse and a keyboard without any disruption to the bot​. At the same time, users are still able to interact with the process window and enter data there as with the main desktop. ​

The new features and enhancements in version 24 also include:

  • 56 additional improvements to support seamless migration to the latest Automation 360 v.24 release. The new Migration Status dashboard in the Cloud Licensing Management portal helps customers easily start the migration to Automation 360 Cloud.
  • The Japanese language was added to AISense Recorder, so you can automate applications that use Japanese and a combination of Japanese and English user interfaces.
  • Multiple enhancements to Automation 360 to ensure full support for all Control Room activities in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • The Bot Agent update became optional. The new Bot Agent update policy requires only two mandatory updates per year, while the other releases remain compatible with the previous version of Bot Agent and require no updates.