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Automation and Integration Bots in airSlate

by sol-admin

airSlate is at the forefront of building solutions that accelerate digital transformation for innovators on teams of all sizes, across SMBs to an enterprise. Its workflow automation solutions empower anyone to become an entrepreneur within their team and create, innovate, and automate to digitally transform their organizations to run faster and easier. airSlate’s no-code ethos accelerates time-to-value for its solutions and enables any team member to focus on more valuable tasks to have an immediate impact on the bottom line and deliver a superior customer experience.

In airSlate, bots are classified into two key categories. The first is automation bots. With automation bots, you can set automatic notifications and reminders, manage data routing and update records, customize access control, and much more. The second category is integration bots. Integration bots allow you to automatically store, collect and update data from external systems i.e. CRMs, ERPs, databases, or spreadsheets. Let’s see how both of these bot species work in practice.