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Automation Anywhere and Deloitte Agreed to Collaborate

by sol-admin

Yesterday, Automation Anywhere announced a collaboration with Deloitte, the company that plans to drive further adoption of cloud deployments on Automation 360, the first cloud-native, AI-powered RPA platform.

Deloitte is going to combine its leading capabilities in cloud infrastructure and automation to provide a first-of-its-kind solution that enables a successful migration of client automations to the cloud, helping organizations accelerate the rate and delivery of business performance while effectively limiting costs. Mutual customers, both first-time RPA and existing Automation Anywhere users, will experience a smooth transition to the cloud platform with Deloitte’s migration as a service capability.

As a Platinum Partner for Automation Anywhere, Deloitte has a proven track record of success in leveraging Automation Anywhere’s intelligent automation solutions across a variety of customer objectives and opportunities across the globe. Deloitte provides support, training, certification, and managed services for RPA to customers around the world delivering large-scale transformation projects across the automation life cycle.

“The need for digital transformation is more prevalent than ever as organizations continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic and pivot to cloud-based solutions that can seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. Our solutions are designed for Automation 360 to help customers through the migration process to get the most value out of their RPA investment with minimal disruption, all while finding efficiencies and reducing investment costs.”

Douglas Williams, Managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP