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Automation Anywhere CEO’s Speech at Imagine Digital 2021

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Last week, Automation Anywhere performed Imagine Digital 2021, the industry’s premier cloud-native and AI virtual event. We continue introducing you to the highlights of the event. Here is a digest of the keynote by Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere.

Our goal was to help our customers automate any process anywhere,” Mihir Shukla told conference attendees. He suggested the future of “anywhere” will increasingly include cloud-native RPA via cloud-first application programming interfaces (API). This requires segmenting various Automation Anywhere applications into microservices that can be deployed, scaled, and managed more nimbly than conventional server-based applications.

Shukla touted the advantages of this approach in the highly competitive and ultra-active RPA space. Competitors to date have largely focused on migrating existing server apps to run on cloud virtual machine instances, he said.

“We call that ‘cloud wash,’ because it is a hosted model where the customer does not get the same benefit of cost scaling and web access.”

Mihir Shukla, CEO, Automation Anywhere

Shukla said there was potential for cloud-native RPA to disrupt the RPA landscape much in the way Salesforce disrupted the CRM market and capitalized on the fact that traditional CRM vendors were slow to offer a true SaaS alternative.

Along with cloud-native RPA updates, Automation Anywhere has focused on building process discovery and intelligent document tooling on its own, rather than rely on acquisitions as some competitors have done. Shukla promised better integration via the home-brewed tooling. The company has also built out an open ecosystem that supports hundreds of vendors in the AI, intelligent process automation, and systems integration space.

Shukla claims that Automation Anywhere enhancements combine to reduce the cost of provisioning RPA, achieve better scaling, and speed the rate of automating processes, compared to the traditional server-based RPA architectures.

RPA gained considerable traction as part of a general move to greater automation that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

Automation Anywhere was already seeing significant growth and the pandemic kicked this into high gear, Shukla said. Among the biggest drivers of this growth have been businesses finding ways to use RPA to increase revenue, improve customer experience, achieve resilience, and enable better employee experiences. Over the last three years, some of the fastest-growing sectors the company claimed have included:

  • High-tech: 1240%
  • Banking and Financial Services: 1040%
  • Oil and gas: 800%
  • Life sciences: 330%

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