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Automation Anywhere Integration with Google Workspace

by sol-admin

Automation Anywhere introduces integration with RPA workspace and Google Workspace. This integration allows users to automate a variety of workflows using Google Workspace applications including Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. In this video, you’ll see how you can use Google Workspace, RPA packages to automate an invoice handling use case.

The automation first begins by connecting to a Gmail server and downloads invoice spreadsheet files. The taskbar then adds processing details like the time and date of processing to the spreadsheet. After that, the spreadsheet is then uploaded to a folder on Google Drive. Then a master transaction Google Sheet is updated with details of the most recent invoice. Finally, the bot schedules a task in Google Calendar to process the payment. Let’s see the automation in action,- usage of Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Drive, Sheets, and Calendar as a part of an invoice processing RPA workflow.