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Automation Anywhere Interactive Forms

by sol-admin

One of the most unpleasant features of any Call Center operation is the fact that about 80% of customer calls require from operators the usage of multiple apps which significantly increases the average handle time. This is why you might be pleased to leverage AA Interactive Forms joining all the data you need on one screen.

Bots can retrieve data from any system such as ERPs, Microsoft applications, emails, PDFs, and so on. Moreover, you can customize the fields of the form however you need. With Automation Anywhere Interactive Forms you can:

  • Deploy forms across your organization
  • Limit access to systems of records and PII data
  • Guide agents with next best action

As a bottom line, you’ll see a higher level of customer satisfaction and of the labor productivity of your Call Center operators. Take a look at this demo and you might get willing to use this tool for your business.