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by sol-admin

To our regret, the vast majority of the data required to automate anything is unstructured, or dark data. And hidden data require continuous human intervention. It’s time-consuming, it’s expensive, it’s drudgery. To fix that, Automation Anywhere’s intelligent digital workforce platform offers IQ Bot.

Automation Anywhere IQ Bot is able to learn by observing human behavior, taught by humans, to uncover unstructured, hidden data and enabling the automation of business processes to be exponentially faster and more reliable, dramatically reducing costs and eliminating human error. The remarkable result is that today’s knowledge workers no longer have to sort through unstructured data manually, freeing them up to handle exceptions, make the really important decisions only humans can make, and devote more time to delivering high-order business value.

IQ Bot has countless cognitive capabilities, like computer vision, to accurately recognize different types of documents, and natural language processing to understand and intelligently extract the more obscure data required to make reliable decisions.

IQ Bot uses fuzzy logic to intelligently validate and enrich data and machine learning to continuously improve accuracy for knowledge worker feedback.

The result: dramatically higher straight-through processing for document-centric processes, such an invoice and purchase orders, and end-to-end process automation without any human involvement. While IQ Bot excels at document-centric processes, it can also comprehend and automatically process common email and IM requests, such as order status requests, and so much more.

And finally, let’s watch a bunch of video testimonials about Automation Anywhere IQ Bot from a few RPA developers and experts: