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Automation Anywhere is Cornering the Public Cloud RPA Market with a 54% Share

by sol-admin

Yesterday, it was announced that Automation Anywhere now ranks as the world’s top public cloud RPA platform with a 54% market share. This assessment comes from the global research firm IDC, which released its market share report for Cloud RPA named “Worldwide Intelligent Process Automation Market Shares, 2020: Solid Growth Across Cloud Segments, June 2021”.

This dominant market share position demonstrates that customers see significantly more value in Automation 360, the first cloud-native RPA platform in the market today, compared with “on-prem solutions” hosted in the cloud by its competitors.

“It’s clear that more organizations around the world are turning to automation in the cloud, and we continue to see a strong, upward trajectory. Whether enterprises adopt RPA as a cloud service or purchase software and deploy on public cloud infrastructure, trends in 2020 favored cloud adoption, and we expect that trend to continue over the next several years.”

Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Worldwide Intelligent Process Automation Market Research and Advisory Service at IDC

“IDC’s analysis is a validation of what we’re seeing in the market today, and why new customers are choosing Automation 360 Cloud. Much like Netflix listened to their customers’ pain points and changed the category by investing in data streaming, we have also pivoted to a more productive, agile and business resilient operating model for intelligent automation via the cloud and it’s bearing fruit.”

Mike Micucci, Chief Operating Officer, Automation Anywhere