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Automation Anywhere Unveiled the Agenda, Time, and Location of Its Imagine 2022 Conference

by Ant Sh
Automation Anywhere Unveiled the Agenda, Time, and Location of Its Imagine 2022 Conference

Imagine 2022 is two days of engaging, educational, and interactive experiences designed for Automation Anywhere customers, partners, technologists and business leaders interested in Intelligent Automation. The vendor recently announced Imagine 2022 will take place in New York, October 4-5.

This year, the conference will feature engaging tracks tailored to those seeking to redefine work and make an impact in the Automation Economy. These sessions are designed to extend your lead in driving transformation, help you create more value, and provide your teams with the support they need to drive business innovation and growth across your organization. The event is hybrid with simultaneous online streaming expected to draw more than 10,000 global attendees. The in-person experience is limited to just 400 people. Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting sessions:

October 4

Welcome to the Automation Economy

Beyond ROI: Measuring the true value of automation

The economy, the continued labor shortage, and cost pressures… These are all reasons that business leaders are quickly moving towards a view that developing a strategy and approach to adopting automation within organizations is now table stakes. The real question is, how do these same leaders quantify and articulate the ROI of these automation initiatives? How do you truly measure the impact of your digital workers? How do you make the business case to initially invest and then reinvest the returns back into automation technologies?

How to Build your Automation Success Team

The key to automation success is people. A complete automation program requires a diverse set of skill sets across departments to come together in a cross-functional “Fusion Team”. Join and learn the key roles, how to recruit these individuals and how to build ways of working between individuals with different objectives.

October 5

Scaling Automation with Citizen Development

No one knows their business needs better than the business teams. IT and CoEs can build citizen development programs to empower non-professional developers to identify and build digital co-workers that can help them solve their day-to-day business problems and accelerate growth.

Build-a-Bot -Your time is precious, leave it to automation

There’s no simpler way to understand the bot-making process than to experience this one-hour introductory session. Go step by step building your bot using only 13 actions.

To find out the full agenda, visit here.