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Automation Anywhere’s New CIO Brings a Zero Trust Security Model

by sol-admin

At the beginning of this month, Automation Anywhere named software industry veteran Sumit Johar as its new chief information officer. He succeeds Yousuf Khan, who left last year to pursue a career in venture capital. Mr. Johar will report to James Budge, the company’s chief financial officer. Since then, Sumit Johar has revealed some more details on his primary goals and tasks in the new position. Let’s learn them right now:

“My top priority right now is to make sure that we have all the right tools, technology, and infrastructure in place, not only to match our growth but help accelerate it.”

Mr. Johar, the new CIO, Automation Anywhere

Mr. Johar said he plans to automate at least 40% of all the company’s manual repetitive business processes in information technology, security, human resources, legal, and finance operations. The company currently uses about 500 of its own bots, covering around 135 business processes.

“My goal is in the next few quarters, I want to…bring more automation and make our employees more productive.”

Helping drive the automation push is the fact that many of the company’s own employees continue to work remotely, a company spokesperson said. The company will deploy its bots in Google Cloud, with which the company has partnered on software automation for customers.

Mr. Johar said his role also will include securing IT infrastructure. He is a proponent of a security model called Zero Trust, which sets up internal defenses that constantly verify whether a device, user, or program should be given permission to do what it is asking to.

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