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Automation Anywhere’s Now & Next Report

by sol-admin

Over the past year, the global pandemic has moved business resilience to the forefront of strategic planning. The ability to quickly respond to sudden and enforcing market changes is critical for businesses and institutions worldwide. It is no secret that digital enterprises have done much better during these challenging times. As a key enabler of the digital enterprise, RPA has empowered countless businesses to respond to shifts in market demand and not only survive but in many cases even thrive. To better understand this phenomenon Automation Anywhere put together a comprehensive study of the impact of RPA with a survey of leading business leaders from around the world and actionable insights from our own customer data.

The report is called Now & Next State of RPA. The “Now” is because you will find out how global companies are using RPA and AI to maintain business resilience, increase employee productivity and transform the customer experience. And the “Next” is because you will also get a glimpse into the future, learn the top RPA trends that will shape this year and beyond.

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The Automation Anywhere Now & Next report is available on this page.