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Automation Days Asia 2022 Takes Place Next Week

by Ant Sh
Automation Days Asia 2022 Takes Place Next Week

Automation Days Asia 2022 (ADA 2022) is an international event where experts and professionals from leading companies share their experience and knowledge about automation in business environments. This event is organized with the objective to support and promote the adoption of automation in Asia through knowledge sharing, networking and practical workshops.

The theme for ADA 2022 is focused on Intelligent Automation, which has been a trend for the last 2-3 years, and is forecasted to an increased level of adoption in the next few years. During this conference, the program will focus on sharing knowledge, best practices and use cases that showcase Intelligent Automation.

The Automation Days Asia 2022 Program

  1. Presentation sessions from technology enthusiast, influential, visionary academics on topics including research, tools, and automation solutions.
  2. Panel discussions from thought leaders worldwide sharing their knowledge, experience, in the domain of automation best practices.
  3. Special workshops from experts and accredited trainers from the Service Automation Framework Alliance for those that are looking at obtaining professional certification in automation and RPA foundation.

25+ Speakers, including:

To download the conference brochure, which includes the agenda for the two days, delegate analysis, and registration information, visit here.