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Automation of Credit Increase Request

by sol-admin

‘Everyone Can Automate’ is a series of Automation Anywhere videos showcasing different areas where automation tools could be applied. Join an RPA expert, Sean Gourley, former AMEX Center of Excellence Leader and Automation Anywhere Senior Customer Success Manager, to see how AARI helps an agent process a credit increase request following this scenario:

  • The agent is on the phone with a customer requesting to increase his credit limit;
  • When the agent logs into the CRM system (Salesforce), guided automation is launched;
  • The virtual assistant asks the agent if she or he requires assistance;
  • The agent confirms a need for help, and the assistant shows all the options to the agent;
  • The agent clicks on the ‘Credit Limit Increase’ option;
  • Then, the assistant will guide the agent step by step on what they need to do.