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Automation of the Freight Quoting Process with TABi Connect

by sol-admin

Hubtek works with North American logistics companies to optimize their workforce through process automation. One of its main products is TABI connect patent-pending process automation platform built specifically for logistics service providers. In order to demonstrate the powerful results that can be achieved through TABi, which is Automation Hub and Digital Assistant created exclusively for the logistics industry, Dan Hellmann, Hubtek’s CSO, will showcase the automation of the freight quoting process. 

TABi connect is designed to automate the rate quoting, order entry process. In a perfect world, your team would respond to 100% of the core requests that they should be responding to, then study the markets, make a data-driven decision, and then log every right into your TMS or CRM. But in reality, many logistics companies do not know the true demand from their customer base, their win-loss percentage, how many call requests they receive a day, and how quickly are teams responding even if they do respond. TABi connect was not designed to eliminate humans. It is doing the same steps that your team is currently doing or should be doing but can’t because they don’t have enough time. Let’s look at those steps live.