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AWS Announced the New Generative BI Authoring Capabilities in QuickSight Q

by Ant Sh
AWS Announced the New Generative BI Authoring Capabilities in QuickSight Q

AWS announced the preview of Generative BI authoring capabilities in Amazon QuickSight to help business analysts easily create and customize visuals using natural-language commands!

AWS has been on a mission to democratize access to insights for all users in the organization. Amazon QuickSight, a unified business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud, allows insights to be shared across all users in the organization. With QuickSight, the developers have been using generative models to power Amazon QuickSight Q, which enable any user to ask questions of their data using natural language, without having to write SQL queries or learn a BI tool, since 2020.

In July 2023, AWS announced they are furthering the early innovation in QuickSight Q with the new LLM capabilities to provide Generative BI capabilities in QuickSight. Current QuickSight customers like BMW Group and Traeger Grills are looking forward to further increasing productivity of their analysts using the Generative BI authoring experience.

A few weeks ago, AWS made these LLM capabilities available in preview with Generative BI dashboard authoring capabilities for business analysts. The capabilities extend the natural-language querying of QuickSight Q beyond answering well-structured questions (such as “what are the top 10 products sold in California?”) to help analysts quickly create customizable visuals from question fragments (such as “top 10 products”), clarify the intent of a query by asking follow-up questions, refine visualizations, and complete complex calculations.

Business Analysts simply describe the desired outcome, and QuickSight generates compelling visuals that can be easily added to a dashboard or report with a single click.

QuickSight Q also offers related questions to help analysts clarify ambiguous cases when multiple data fields match their query. When the analyst has the initial visualization, they can add complex calculations, change chart types, and refine visuals using natural language prompts.


The new Generative BI authoring capabilities in QuickSight Q make it fast and easy for business analysts to create compelling visuals and reduce the time to deliver the insights needed to inform data-driven decisions at scale.