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BAL Global Harnessed Intelligent Automation to Modernize Professional Services

by sol-admin

BAL Global is a large corporate immigration law firm based in the US. Like many professional services firms, they’re being called upon to modernize their technology platform, and that includes incorporating Intelligent Automation into the way that they deliver their services. For professional services firms, that means providing professional service grade technology. It’s got to be reliable. The quality has got to be high, and the customer experience is critical. So that means BAL needs platforms that are bulletproof, they need models that work every time, and because the stakes are so high.

Bringing together the Intelligent Automation function, BAL started with organizational design and strategic partnerships. They knew as a law firm, even though they had a strong technology function they didn’t yet have RPA capabilities and capabilities to integrate machine learning systems with RPA systems. And so they partnered up with a strategic partner called Accelirate to bring that set of capabilities to bear for the firm quickly while BAL established and started to grow their own internal function. And BAL has continued with a right sourcing kind of balance to see that they’ve got the ability to reach out to experts in the technology space while having the right level of industry expertise to be able to integrate and leverage the technologies that they need to fit their vertical. So they leveraged UiPath’s Orchestrator extensively, almost exclusively, as the core capability of BAL’s RPA program. That keeps the right level of governance for BAL in place and allows them to give people a consistent experience. They go to a one-stop shop, create a request, they can track the process of that request without having to hand over their desktops to another system or otherwise understand how to manage and deploy. And BAL also gets the metrics all in one place which is a critical component for them.

BAL has brought AI and RPA together to deliver this client experience. Some examples are they built and manage machine learning endpoint that will interpret letters BAL receives from the government, identify what’s in those letters, and help BAL attorneys create a draft response to what the government’s asking for. Hence the fabric behind that, the connective tissue that brings it all together is UiPath. It allows BAL to dispatch a bot that reads the document itself, which comes in the mail, understands the language in it, and then uses templates to help create the draft response materials. It’s a phenomenal enhancement for BAL and for its clients.

When BAL started its journey in RPA, they began with more rote routine processes that they knew well and were relatively simple. Reading checks and voiding them, and things like that. And as they’ve progressed in their maturity of the organization, they’ve added AI capabilities that allow BAL to read the natural language in connection with providing legal services, and that’s given the staff a tremendous boost and brought BAL to the next stage of what people are calling Hyperautomation or Intelligent Automation. And that’s definitely the future. BAL is there now and they’re looking forward to going on to grow in that direction.