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Banco Popular & IBM Robotic Process Automation

by sol-admin

Banco Popular is the #1 bank in Puerto Rico, it has operated there for over 125 years and in the mainland United States for over 52 years. The bank wanted to find a way to automate its processes so its staff could devote more time to value-added activities. By reducing its dependence on manual processes, Banco Popular hoped to reduce costs and focus on expanding into new markets.

After researching available solutions, Banco Popular decided to perform a proof of concept (POC) with the IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere solution to automate its manual processes. Working on the POC with a team from IBM, bank staff learned that it’s important to look carefully at the process you want to automate.

The POC of the RPA solution was extremely successful. “We picked one process, which is very complicated and takes a lot of people a lot of time. After the proof of concept, we showed that a process that took about 10 – 11 minutes could be reduced to 10 – 11 seconds.”
Luis Benitez, Vice President of Digital Workplace, Banco Popular

After learning about these results, other groups within the bank began expressing interest in using the solution. Now it’s about 100 processes in hot pursuit of the first one.

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