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Basics of Starting with IBM RPA Studio

by sol-admin

In this demo, you’ll get an introduction to IBM RPA Studio where you can work with and test run a sample script.

Starting on your virtual desktop make sure that the RPA studio is open and you’re logged in. You can start by creating a new file or opening an existing one. For now, you can go ahead and open an existing file. Head over to the bot script examples folder located on your desktop and go to the lab’s folder “Lab 02” and open the file located in this folder. In this example, you’ll walk through and test the automation of SSN numbers being validated through your website. Here you’ll see that there are a number of different commands such as starting and closing the browser, feel free to explore more of these commands and run the script to test how the automation works. As the script is running, you can see that the CHROME browser is being automatically opened and navigates to a website. The script is entering the number into the field processing through the capture verification and hitting search. It does this for each entry that needs to be validated. Once the script has successfully finished running, you will see an execution succeeded message at the bottom of the window. This means that the script has no errors and will successfully run.

Now you’re familiar with the sample script, so you can return to the RPA web client to learn how to do even more with it.