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Benefits of RPA for Virtual AI

by sol-admin

Virtual AI is a company that provides professional services and technology services to its clients. Its staff work with clients to automate their business processes. They’ve actually automated probably about 50-60 processes for clients, using Kryon. One such process was a simple one for a client in the recruitment industry. That client wanted to actually know when potential candidates are looking for a change of role. And Virtual AI provided a report to the client to say that these individuals may be looking.

Virtual AI also does some more complex processes, the case in point is they take the information from the third parties then verify it, and they actually put that information to the platform. Where adverts are to be served, and what that’s enabled the client to do is to launch new services around the use of these technologies. In terms of the number of hours that would definitely save during a year tens of thousands of hours. The clients of Virtual AI are typically after a hundred percent accuracy, which was achieved due to all of the processes that they’ve automated.

And in terms of customer experience, they managed to increase the speed with which their clients get the information that they’re looking for. Virtual AI has been working with Kryon for just over two years now. Kryon stood to the company as a partner. And the team sees some very new and exciting developments coming out in terms of the products and the tools that Kryon offering in the future, which Virtual AI’s staff believe will help them offer more services to their clients to enable them to get the benefits of the RPA.

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