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Blue Prism Decipher IDP

by sol-admin

Decipher IDP, a product built by Blue Prism, is meant to help you quickly identify and extract data from structured and semi-structured business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and other typed forms. In addition, with Decipher IDP, you get able to uncover new possibilities and potential as well as to Increase automation adoption throughout the enterprise.

The product’s work is divided into 4 steps – from steps 1 and 2, which are submitting documents to Decipher IDP through Blue Prism, OCR and Machine Learning recognition, classification, and extracting data from the documents, to the final step – a validation of results returned to a Blue Prism work queue where the data can be used in RPA processes.

The main benefits declared by developers of Decipher IDP are the following:
• Data access and accuracy
• Increased processing speed
• Human-in-the-loop verification
• Security and compliance for all industries
• Supports structured and semi-structured documents

In the video below, you can watch Decipher IDP’s workflow in action and see how easy it’s for users to interact with this solution.