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Blue Prism Decision

by sol-admin

It’s commonplace that RPA removes the drudgery from people’s lives. Those simple, mundane, and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past, thanks to digital workers. But what about the more complex tasks? When you introduce logic-based decision-making, the amount of effort required to design the process for the digital worker increases exponentially. Of course, machine learning can help, but is there a data scientist or data science expertise in every organization?

Blue Prism Decision enables process developers to integrate machine learning-based decisions into their digital workforce — without any data science expertise.

With Blue Prism Decision you can:

  • Replicate human-like decision-making through machine learning
  • Build machine learning models in minutes through autoML
  • Explain your digital worker’s decisions with detailed audit logs

Watch this demo to learn how you can configure Blue Prism Decision.