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Blue Prism Process Discovery Tool

by sol-admin

There’s a tremendous amount of business value to be gained by automating the right processes at the right time and for the right reasons. But the steps you must take to identify the processes is that can yield the most business value for the least start-up effort are extremely time-intensive and costly. That’s why Blue Prism Process Discovery Tool was created. It is a web-based resource that simplifies the task of assessing, qualifying and prioritizing processes based on their automation readiness and potential business value. Available to all through the Blue Prism portal, the process discovery tool analyzes information gathered by your SMEs about your processes and creates a strategic automation pipeline you can follow for repeated RPA success. To get started all you need is a business leader or subject matter expert and a process analyst to conduct a short four-step process assessment:

Step 1
create a record of the process for your process inventory. 

In Steps 2 and 3, your SMEs answer a series of predefined questions to determine the automation potential and ease of implementation of each process.
These two assessments combined determine the automation readiness category that your process falls into.

Step 4
The automation readiness and potential benefit opportunity of each process are calculated and displayed on the process assessment dashboard. This provides you with an easy-to-understand graphical depiction of your processes in one of 4 automation readiness categories.

By allowing businesses to focus and strategically plan their RPA efforts around processes that show the most promise, the process discovery tool helps deliver faster returns from your Blue Prism platform. And its group-based access model supports enterprise-scale that allows you to put Blue Prism’s expertise into every part of your organization while maintaining centralized governance. The Blue Prism Process Discovery Tool puts the ability to intelligently grow and repeat your RPA successes right into the hands of your business leaders. Now you can create more and more automation knowing which processes are the best to automate next and why.

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