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Blue Prism Pulse – RPA Customer Community Events

by sol-admin

Let us introduce to you some insights from Payal Kumar, Solutions & Applications Manager at Procter & Gamble, into what Blue Prism Pulse can help with. As you know, Procter & Gamble is an American multinational consumer goods industry giant, which is why it might be especially interesting to get the testimonial from one of its employees.

Payal said that most of the information you don’t really get over the internet because basically nobody among the companies is going to share what they are really doing. So, Blue Prism Pulse RPA Customer Community Event is the place where you get to know what their use cases are, in which area that people are using in, and from where to where their thought processes are. Some people are just in the discovery phase and some people are way ahead and already thinking about what is lacking in. There are some really cool ideas as well and everybody is saying that these are really wonderful events for connecting more with Blue Prism resources directly, having questions, and getting to know what Blue Prism actually offers in terms of customer relationships directly.

Payal also emphasized that they need to educate the people if they are not okay with RPA because that’s a roadblock in the organization which needs to be eliminated.