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Blue Prism Ventures is Getting Started in Korea

by sol-admin

Just a few days ago, Blue Prism announced the launch of a new function within the business – Blue Prism Ventures. This new function will offer potential venture partners the opportunity to explore collaborations, redefine their approach to intelligent automation strategy, and support the creation, enablement, and execution of new ventures.

Blue Prism signed a deal with successful, Korean-led technology firm GTPlus Ltd. to incorporate Blue Prism Korea in November 2020. This new venture will mark Blue Prism’s first location in Korea, establishing essential ties with local customers and partners. Blue Prism Korea has plans to scale rapidly, and local teams have already started the process of building out regional sales, service, and support capabilities. This will be the first of many Blue Prism Venture projects bringing opportunities for corporate development and collaboration across the globe.

“Blue Prism Ventures will help new and existing Blue Prism customers strategically determine the best steps forward in their RPA journey and create a scalable and sustainable pipeline to support their automation vision. The South Korean marketplace is the ideal location to begin this journey – we hope this will be the first of many joint ventures that will allow Blue Prism to explore and deliver collaborations across not just the APAC region but the entire globe.”

Terry Walby, CEO at Blue Prism Ventures

“We’re looking forward to building and scaling Blue Prism Korea. Intelligent automation is a major area of focus for our business and through this joint venture, we’ll be able to capitalize quickly and effectively on this market opportunity and add real value for our customers.”

Doug Ahn, CEO at GTPlus Ltd