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Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

by sol-admin

Blue Prism is creating the ultimate AI skill-sharing economy. Through a marketplace, they are connecting customers with technology partners to create an innovative system that is ready to serve the needs of the future. That marketplace is the digital exchange, it is the marketplace for sharing and downloading AI and cognitive skills.

Ever-evolving the DX is Blue Prism’s answer to an exciting, yet unknown tomorrow. Skills can be downloaded directly from the DX and imported to Blue Prism software. Then users click and drag the new skill into their process automation. Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) empowers partners to drive added value by contributing their technology and expertise to the Blue Prism ecosystem.

What better way for you to stake your position in the future than to establish your brand as a part of the most influential AI marketplace?

TAP partners submit assets to the DX that can be downloaded by Blue Prism users. Whether free or monetized these skills get Blue Prism users and their enterprises engaged with you.

Do you want to get started? Then watch this video to the end.