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Blueprint Software Systems Launched Its New Business Transformation Platform

by Ant Sh
Blueprint Software Systems Launched Its New Business Transformation Platform

Toronto-based Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company that helps enterprise organizations scale intelligent hyperautomation initiatives. This spring, the company announced it had launched its new Business Transformation Platform, designed to be the command center for company-wide process improvement initiatives. It delivers process intelligence that enables enterprise organizations to analyze and assess process value, identify hidden inefficiencies, and execute on data-driven improvement strategies with speed and precision.

The platform includes key features that provide the process insight and control enterprise organizations need to understand how their business operates, including:

Process Hub – which gives stakeholders across an organization a transparent and collaborative meeting point to identify and design process improvement initiatives;

Insights & Dashboards – which provide transformative process intelligence in real-time to analyze and quantify process value to reveal previously-hidden inefficiencies, and leverage actionable insights to plan for future-state improvements;

Process Data Ingest – which allows organizations to connect data from their entire process ecosystem in one centralized platform to enable 360-degree visibility and analysis of the processes that run a business;

Task Capture – which enables users to capture current-state process workflows with ease, including low-level details that drive automation initiatives, then leverage that knowledge to design optimized future-state processes;

Process Modeling & Simulation – which ensures that current and future-state processes can be captured and defined with high fidelity, allowing users to run simulations to understand the impact of decisions once processes are optimized;

Automation Export – which automatically generates automation scripts for any of the major RPA platforms from an organization’s Digital Blueprints, then sync them to its RPA tool of choice to provide developers with an invaluable head start as they build, launch, and orchestrate automations across multiple platforms;

Workflow Accelerators – which automatically generate user stories, test scripts, PDDs, and more from Digital Blueprints to guide development and testing efforts, and sync to downstream tools to ensure improvement initiatives execute in lock-step with business strategy;

Integrations – which enables users to extend functionality, and ensure business and IT alignment across the entire tool chain, and accelerate time to value. Blueprint provides robust native integrations with numerous technologies, including process mining and discovery tools, RPA platforms, work management tools, testing/QA tools, and more.

For more information on Blueprint’s Business Transformation Platform, proceed to this page.