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Blueprint’s RPA Integrations

by sol-admin

Blueprint Software Systems, a Canada-based company, helps enterprise organizations operate with the agility and nimbleness of a start-up. Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite provides customers with the ability to quickly and easily manage, optimize, and automate higher-quality business processes.

Blueprint integrates with the leading RPA tools. Blueprint’s RPA integrations allow you to quickly and easily load optimized processes, along with their constraints and attachments, into your RPA platform of choice, providing the RPA developer with an invaluable headstart as they build, launch, and orchestrate your bots.

The prospective outcome of integrating your RPA tool with Blueprint:
25 % Faster Process Design & Bot Development
3 X Less Rework and Bot Outages
2 X Faster Change Management
30 % Lower Bot Maintenance Costs
5 x ROI in less than 6 months

Watch the demos below displaying Blueprint’s RPA integrations with the tools of RPA leading vendors: